About US

VIVEinvest celebrates the contribution of women as global front runners of
business and social impact. We lend our genderlens to social impact investors and proactively identify opportunities for funds, philantropists and investors to enrich their portfolio’s with female headed innovations. VIVE is working as a field builder in order to bridge the funding gap for women entrepreneurship.

Zairah Khan - Founder and CEO

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I believe in the potential of women as a driving force for social- and economic development. That has led me to create VIVEinvest. Not only do women offer their own unique experiences and capacities as entrepreneurs and investors, they are more able to understand the real felt needs of ‘that other half’ of the world population. My background as an anthropologist and psychologist helps me to move between the worlds of finance, emancipation and social justice.  I see myself as a universal translator that connects people’s ideas and assets.


Marijn Wiersma- Transition Development and Innovation at FMO

Marijn Wiersma“VIVEinvest wrote the business case for gender at FMO and presented her end results to our strategy department and management board. Zairah Khan has been instrumental in providing us with a relevant and concise document to further guide our inclusive strategy and with an engaged, inspiring and thought provoking presentation. She is persistent, analytical and a pleasure to work with.”