On the 31th of October over 100 people set in motion a movement to bridge the funding gap for female entrepreneurs worldwide. As the organizers, we look back on a successful event and we want to share some highlights and key takeaways with you.

Why Bridge the Gap?

We live in a world where poor people are getting poorer and rich people are getting richer. With 70% of the world’s poor being women (UN HDR 1995), they are structurally getting poorer. Women are on a negative balance when it comes to economic empowerment. The very people that could change this balance for the better are being kept from realizing their full potential: female entrepreneurs. Women owned businesses constitute a large and growing part of businesses globally, but especially in developing and emerging markets. Yet, these businesses are structurally underfunded.  At Bridge the Gap we discussed how to transform this missed opportunity to a real opportunity by pooling our resources and knowledge.

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Some more highlights

Hope to see you next time!

This is what we achieved that day

26 organizations signed our declaration to bridge the gap:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO, Triodos Investment management, Inclusive Business Fund, IGNITE Fund, VERA community, Impact Hubs in Amsterdam, Antigua, Dubai, London, Oakland, San Francisco, Vienna, United Succes, Oxfam, Plan, Hivos, ICCO, BopInc, Global Banking Alliance for women, Calvert Foundation, Spring Accelerator, Women Inc, BUSINESS4PEOPLE, Yente, WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform, VIVEinvest, Accenture.

Bankwiser will take up gender as a sustainability criteria for banks.

Representatives from FMO, Triodos investments management, ABN AMRO and Rabobank are interested to start conversations in their banks on women and sustainability.

The IGNITE fund is open to develop a more explicit approach of gender

The Inclusiveness Fund welcomes more female owned start-ups.

Jennifer Pryce talks about the importance of engaging women as investors in Upsides Magazine

We all learned from each other’s experiences.

We formed a support and exchange network to help each other to Bridge the Gap