31th October 8.30- 19.00


FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank
Anna van Saksenlaan 71
2593 HW The Hague
The Netherlands

For whom?

People and organisations who aim to combine mission and investment and who want to increase both their financial and social return. This includes: seasoned and new impact investors, development funds, philanthropists, development organisations, financial institutions, venture capitalists, business angels, investor and entrepreneur networks, capacity builders and committed asset managers.

I’m not focused on emerging markets or developing countries, should I attend?

Yes, if you are interested in innovation. Many innovations are currently being developed with bottom of the pyramid customers and emerging markets in mind, particularly when it comes to sustainability, cost saving, global production chains, access and distribution.

I’m not focused on female entrepreneurs, should I attend?

Yes, if you want to tap into this opportunity and diversify your investment policy. Gender lens investing is an exiting new area, there is ample space for you to pioneer and make a difference.

Type of event:

Investor/ field building event geared towards building momentum for investing in female entrepreneurs and bringing together field leaders, networks and mission driven investors. Bridge the Gap combines information, inspiration and co-creation in parallel spaces to cater to a diverse audience.

Expected outcomes:

  • Shared vision
  • Signing of a joint declaration and Call to Bridge the Gap by 2025
  • Learning and increased know-how
  • Connected networks and a diverse social fabric for future action
  • New opportunities and collaboration

After the event:

VIVE invest will share the outcomes of the event with participants and is highly motivated to continue work as a field builder together with her partners and signatories of the declaration to Bridge the Gap. This will ensure continuation.



Support networks

  • BiD Network
  • Investeerders Club
  • WO=MEN
  • Dutch Gender Platform
  • Yente
  • New World Campus
  • Vera Community