ABN-AMRO presents new research at Bridge the Gap

Women give more in philanthropy and they have different priorities, these are important conclusions of the research performed by Maastricht University and commissioned by ABN AMRO MeesPierson, the private bank of ABN-AMRO.

High Net Worth Women give 3,6% of their income away as compared to 3,2% of men. The research was performed among 750 ‘One Million plus’ customers of the bank. On average clients give 11000 Euro a year. Adding one plus one reveals that at a minimum 8,2 M in donations are involved in relation to more than 750 M in capital of which 280M is female owned (30-40% of respondents). In addition women have a different portfolio. They prioritize areas like health, nature, poverty reduction and culture and have a preference towards organizations supporting the position of women.

Diana van Maasdijk, head of philanthropy at ABN AMRO will be sharing these findings at Bridge the Gap during the closing panel. “For my clients it is interesting to combine philanthropic mission with asset management. Since women want to support other woman it follows that we as a bank are investigating the possibilities to add a gender-lens to our products.”

Read the full report (Dutch with English summary)


dianavanmaasdijkDiana van Maasdijk is head of Philantropy at ABN AMRO MeesPierson. Previously she was founder at the donor academie, head of development and communications at Mama Cash. She is the author of a handbook for philantropist ‘giving to good’ (Goed geven).

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